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Somn sincron

Lights and colours

Ia laba de pe ea!

Revista? Sau domnisoara?


In my dreams ...

Im watchin you, Im wantin you, but you turn away
Id crawl through broken glass to you, but it wouldnt pay
You take me for a fool, but if you only knew
What I do in my dreams with you

Youre so cold and critical, and baby thats too bad
So my reality will have to come to me in my dreams

I know that you belong to me every night, you suddenly appear in my eyes
It happens when I sleep, it isnt right, what I do in my dreams with you
It isnt right what I do in my dreams with you

I love the way you come to me every night
My fantasies are real, and they never lie
If you only knew, what I do in my dreams with you, yeah
It isnt right, lord knows that it isnt right

The world can make you cynical, with all its love and pain
But I dont have to carry the weight of the world

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